No-Diet Required Weight Loss

Most people think that in order to lose weight they need to go on some crazy, bland-tasting, stupid diet plan, or have to take creepy pills that guarantee immediate tummy slimming. Some think that overdoing it on exercise will do the trick (no diet change necessary), but actually, that’s wrong too. Sure working out is great, but you don’t have to overdo it or harm yourself to see results! You just need to stick to a vegetarian weight loss diet.

Take it from the Good Vegetarian; by simply giving yourself two solid weeks, you could easily lose a few pounds without any diet plans or crazy workout dvds! All you need is a treadmill or a nice place to walk, and a fridge full of veggies! Also, be sure to pick up a supply of liquid aminos at your local market or health food store. Fry up some veggies with some liquid aminos, and you’ve prepared yourself a healthy, delicious, savory lunch, dinner or snack!

Have as much as you like, because veggies burn off completely in your body. Keep this vegetarian recipe up (believe me it’s so good you won’t get tired of it), and walk for a solid 30 minutes every day, and you will easily shed the pounds. Even though the aminos don’t contain table salt or iodine, still make sure to drink plenty of water. If you don’t like water, flavor it with a little bit of juice, apple cider vinegar with organic blue agave nectar (way healthier than honey or Vinegar)!

Apple cider vinegar works as a detox as well, so not only can you drink it, but you can BATHE in it too! Being healthy and losing weight isn’t as complicated as everyone thinks it is. Everything tastes great, you see results, and you maintain a healthy lifestyle! Easy and simple! This is so much better than causing damage to your body or chugging down medicine-flavored meal shakes. You deserve to enjoy yourself, no matter what. ENJOY going for a walk. ENJOY eating your meals. ENJOY living healthy. ENJOY your vegetarian weight loss diet.